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Don Bristow

Lightray Photoimagery is a sole proprietorship in the State of Texas. The owner is Don Bristow.

Don Bristow

Don Bristow

Owner / Photographer / Designer

Don Bristow is a professional photographer, fractal artist and website designer living in Bullard, Texas, with his wife Sandy and dog Teddy.  Both Don and Sandy are U.S. Navy veterans and were married while serving with Canadian Forces in Newfoundland, Canada.  Don holds 2 BA degrees, in Elementary School Teaching and Mathematics, from California State University, Sacramento, and Sandy holds a BA in Bible & Ministry from Capitol Bible College.

Don spent 20 years (1983-2003) in the software development business where he held software engineer, manager and director positions. In 2003, Don made a career change to professional photographer. From photojournalism and products to portraits and events, there was no type of photography job that he turned down. Yet, over the course of several years, his specialty became photographing artwork.

In 2007, Don took a job as webmaster for a gourmet foods company in Tyler, Texas. While short lasting, this job brought him out of California into the great State of Texas!

Don launched Lightray Websites in 2008. After building about 40 websites, he sold the company to Via-Search in 2012 and enjoyed working for Via-Search for a year.  Don was hired as a database consultant by Bethesda Health Clinic in 2013, then in 2014 he accepted an offer as IT Director, a position he still holds today.

Don takes on new website clients by referral only. That means low volume with high quality and excellent customer service.

As an artist, Don is very involved with the arts community in East Texas. Lightray Photoimagery is a sponsor of Art Connection, a weekly radio program that airs on KTBB at 8AM every Saturnday morning. More information about that is available at donbristow.art.  Don serves on the boards of the BBB Serving Central East Texas and Operation Go Quickly.

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