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Can I host my website  on Godaddy?

No. We’ve hosted WordPress websites on shared servers and VPS servers in the past, but these servers share resources with hundreds of websites and can be too slow at times when high demand exceeds server resources.

Lightray Photoimagery now hosts websites on a high-powered late model server dedicated to Lightray Photoimagery websites.

How long has Lightray Photoimagery been in business?

The first Lightray Photoimagery business license was obtained in California by Don Bristow in 2000, just in time to sell fine art photography at his first exhibit.  The business was initially focused on fine art photography and photo restoration, but it became a full service photography business in 2003.  Website design was added in 2006.

After moving to Texas in 2007, the second Lightray Photoimagery business license was obtained to sell artwork.  But in 2008, Don obtained a business license for Lightray Websites.  He did website design and hosting fulltime under the name Lightray Websites until selling the business to Via-Search in 2012 and relinquishing the name.

Today all services, including art sales, photography, website design and hosting, are performed as Lightray Photoimagery.

How many websites have you built?

Over 100 websites have been built and deployed by Don Bristow, either for Lightray Websites, Lightray Photoimagery, or Via-Search (now Abby Media).

Who is your primary competition?

Group M7 is the biggest and self-proclaimed best website design and hosting company in East Texas.  Also serving as IT Director for Bethesda Health Clinic, Don Bristow selected Group M7 to host bethesdaclinic.org and hangersofhope.com.  The level of technical support from Group M7 has been exceptionally good.

But having a very small overhead, Lightray Photoimagery can develop, host and support equivalent small business websites for fewer dollars.

Are your websites mobile-friendly?

Yes. All new websites being built by Lightray Photoimagery are “responsive” meaning that they scale for PC monitors, tablets and phones.

What payment methods do you accept?

We use Quickbooks Online to invoice our clients, and that provides easy electronic payment options. However, we also accept cash or checks.

Can you do business portraits on location?

Yes. Lightray Photoimagery can shoot business portaits onsite or in our portrait studio.

Do you advertise?

Lightray Photoimagery gets new business through referrals only.

With one exception… because Don is a supporter and promoter of the arts in East Texas, Lightray Photoimagery is a sponsor of Art Connection of East Texas, a weekly radio program that airs every Saturday at 8AM on KTBB FM97.5 AM600.

Do you create logos?

Lightray Photoimagery has created logos for website customers, but we also refer customers needing logos to Giraphics in Tyler, TX.

Will my website be secure?

Yes. All websites from Lightray Photoimagery are secured with a SSL Certificate, and all websites built with WordPress include the Wordfence website firewall.

Can you manage my social media?

We do not manage social media or email campaigns for our customers. Social Media requires constant attention to be effective. We have chosen to focus on website design and hosting.

However, we do add links to your social media pages and will add social media feeds and email address collection to your website if you like.

What happens to my website if something happens to Lightray Photoimagery?

This is a very important question because website companies, especially small startups, have a reputation of going out of business after a year or two along with the websites they built. Travis J Consulting, Winner of the Better Business Bureau “Award for Excellence” and Award-Winner in “Web-Design” in Locals Love Us, will take over from Lightray Photoimagery in the case that the unexpected happens. Travis J Consulting can be contacted at (903) 520-6248.

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The best way to contact Lightray Photoimagery is by email.  However, if you are experiencing a website or email problem, please call.

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